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Branding & Marketing

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Website Design

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Korean American Art enthusiast with experiences in all spectrums of the creative world: Impressionist style painter, graphic and website designer, photojournalist, artist in resident, copy writer, gallery assistant, design fellow and studio aide.

Co-founded the Bolton Art Collective (BAC).

Having dabbled in various aspects, she currently focuses on Art Marketing and connecting people.

But on her own, her artwork centers on the study of color and light.

She has won Baltimore City and Maryland state grants, and recently through BAC: an art contest.

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Logo for support group

in Timonium, Maryland

Logo for lab at Johns Hopkins University

Creative marketing promo for Clinicians of Color

Branding & Marketing

A brand is the personality – a Logo portrays the personality.

Marketing is how to share that personality with others.

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Artist Portfolio Website Design

Poetry Author Book Release Website Design

Website Design

A website design is responsible in creating the dual harmony of an attractive visual layout of web pages and strategic usability for online visitors. The website will attract more visitors to navigate the information and in turn, help convert those visitors into prospects.

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Giada De Laurentiis,

TV Chef and Food Network Personality Baltimore City Schools Pizza Lesson at Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, MD


Advanced Movie Screening photo with flowers from local floral shop in Hanover, MD

Events Photography

Event photos can capture and reinforce the essence of brand identity. High quality images can be used in marketing materials, websites, and social media to create a consistent image. Occasions come in all sizes. From personal and intimate events like weddings or birthday parties to large public gatherings like corporate events, galas, award ceremonies and music festivals.

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“We pursue excellence at the highest peak level in any fashion”

-- A line written for a Construction Company’s Brochure (2022)

Promotional written in CITYPEEK

for Baltimore Museum of Art Exhibit

featuring John Waters (2018)


Copywriting is a content production strategy which focus on convincing the reader to generate conversation and take specific actions. It is an element of marketing found across digital media forms and print.

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Snake plant Mickey

Acrylics on Canvas


Disgruntled Old Asian Man after Stroke

Acrylics on Canvas


Docked Boat in Sunset

Havre de Grace, MD Wedding commission

Acrylics on Canvas



Studies of color and light in brush strokes.

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Rough Messy Handwritten Reach Out

Contact Jessi!

Resume and references upon request.

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Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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